Done with the DRAMA



Sometimes when I’m lucky I wake up in an unexplainably good mood and the whole day smiles with possibility. But other times (like last night) my brain storms overtime with thunderous worrywart issues that get bigger and BIGGER — I can’t budge from bed, but I can’t go back to sleep either. It’s a nightmarish, paralyzing, painful state where I’m stuck worrying about relationships (or the lack thereof), or escalating credit card bills, or an audition I blew, or something I said and now wish I hadn’t.

FAUX PAS and PROBLEMS Echo in My Ears —

And — even though I know my problems are small compared to the ones I see in the ER, or watch on the news or read in my email alerts, they’re on my mind, magnified and they belong to me —  not someone I don’t know. Emotional DRAMA zaps my common sense, causing me to act CRAZY — making things even worse than they were before. Ugh!

But figuring out how to deal with a problem, calms me down and starts me on the road to recovery and positivity…

10 Steps to a POSITIVE OUTCOME (when a Bad Mood strikes) —

I’m gonna really try to follow these the next time I start to get in my own way , auto-reacting and SCREAMING…

  1. Stop horriblizing.
  2. Think it through first.
  3. Put it into perspective.
  4. Avoid humans when hormonal
  5. Stop internalizing — it’s not healthy.
  6. Do something nice for someone.
  7. In arguments, talk softer.
  8. Lock the refrigerator.
  9. Take a long walk, especially when the leaves are turning.
  10. Focus on a good outcome instead of the bad.
(How do you diffuse the drama? If you have ideas — please share in the comments, thanks!)

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