20 Kindnesses (pass them along)


Never “woulda thunk it” till I was forced to volunteer in the ER, but the best way to get out of your own head is to do something for someone else. It takes the “me” out of the equation and it gives you a feeling of accomplishing something — even when your world is falling apart. Don’t get me wrong, your world doesn’t have to fall apart in order for you do something for someone else, but you will feel better — while in the process of making someone else feel better — and that’s even better than medicine. (Who needs med school, right?)

Anyway, it’s the reason why I signed up to volunteer for more hours, at least for now — while I’ve got time on my hands and still looking for my next big role. (Never hurts to build up a little GOOD KARMA!)

Yeah, It’s the little things that stay with us the longest. Unexpected acts of goodness make the world a happier and more surprising place. KINDNESS is contagious. It’d be nice if everyone would catch it, but we can at least do our part and spread it around. (OMG! when did I become so inspirational?)

Simple Steps in the Right Direction —

  1. Connect by finding the commonality
  2. Compliment, sincerely
  3. Come to another’s aid
  4. Help someone else succeed
  5. Share what you’ve learned
  6. Listen when others need to be heard
  7. Appreciate the little things others do for you
  8. Pay it forward
  9. Help to find the funny in difficult situations
  10. Go out of your way
  11. Acknowledge when someone surprises you
  12. Be open and accessible
  13. Do the unexpected
  14. Go above and beyond
  15. Look for the positive
  16. Spread goodness
  17. Understand
  18. Accept
  19. Forgive
  20. Smile

heart over mindpay

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