Movie Premiere Pressure

Josh keeps telling me I’m about to break out.

And… I trust my agent, and I trust my director and I trust my co-stars but…

In just a few hours, a limo is picking me up —

And I’ll find out if it’s true.  If “about to” is now.

Everyone’s got a dream, right?

Will my BIG ONE come true? Is this it?
The series wasn’t it.
Getting cast in this movie wasn’t it.
Getting dressed for my premiere isn’t it —

My premiere — !  I LOVE saying that!

OMG red carpet, here I come!  Josh said he’ll tell me who to make sure to talk to, to enunciate the Dior glam wear, to smile even in the dark theater because people will be sizing me up instead of watching–  and I was so nervous at the cast & crew screening last month that I can’t remember the movie at all so I’m really looking forward to just —

It feels very out-of-bodyish in an unexplainable way, but I’m also kinda so in the moment it’s feeling over-cranked and slo-mo at the same time. Between the adrenaline and the paralysis —  everything’s going to change.

Might change…
GOT to change!

Oh! I better get changed!

look what Niles sent me (no sweetie, it's Hollywood, not Westwood...)

look what Niles sent me (no sweetie, it's Hollywood, not Westwood...)


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