Volunteering in the ER: a “love/hate” situation

People  always ask:

HOW can you stand to work in the ER!?

It’s weird, but now that I’ve done it for awhile, I’m sorta used to it. Some shifts are scarier than others. Or more frustrating —  or sad. But every once in awhile, I’ll finish one that actually feels AWESOME!

listen with your heart

Do I love it? Well sometimes I feel good about it.
Do I hate it? Oh yeah! Big time.
Am I glad I do it? Being forced into it wasn’t the best intro
but am I proud I do it? Well yeah — I kinda am.

Pros of Volunteering in the ER

  • It puts the minutiae of my life into perspective.
  • It’s more important than whether or not a casting director likes me.
  • It helps me, to help someone else.
  • People can be so appreciative when I do the smallest things.
  • It can be exhilarating or fun in a weird way, depending.
  • No one recognizes me in the fugly outfit.
  • My crocs are comfy.
  • There are more opportunities than you might think, to help the Staff, Patients and their Families —  “find the funny.”
  • I get to see a certain doctor.

Cons of Volunteering in the ER

  • Sometimes the tragedies stay with me long after I leave.
  • Patients and their Families tend to take out their frustrations on the Volunteers.
  • The rules change from week to week.
  • It totally messes with my life and my career.
  • When I do something wrong, it makes me feel like s__t.
  • It can be boring or frustrating depending.
  • The outfit’s really butt-ug!
  • The crocs make my feet look ginormous!

Would I recommend it to someone who wants to make a difference, in a hands-on-way ? Well, if you want a Volunteer position, where you never sit down because you’re so busy helping in a million different ways, then volunteering in the E.R. might be exactly what you’re looking for.

(Have you ever thought about volunteering in an ER?)

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Sentenced to volunteer at Greater L.A. Medical (GLAM!) Hospital... I'm on-call in my worst nightmare -- ?!
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