How To Get That Part —

–that you’re just perfect for?

Don’t do what I do.

this is worse than the casting couch!

this is worse than the Hollywood casting couch!


The only part I get all summer is my worst nightmare. I don’t want it, I’m not going to be any good at it, I hate just thinking about it.

Can’t I just pass?

Seriously, ANYTHING but a hospital.
I get it, community service, fine.
Trash pick-up, food service, crossing-guard, whatever.


I’m not the right girl. I’ve never been the nurse type — except for in a few scenes, and I wasn’t even that convincing. I’m repulsed by even the thought of blood, needles, tubes of yucky fluids… getting a little queasy now…

We were talking about Mom today, she was so much more a glass-half-full person than I am. She’d tell me, like always, to find something funny in whatever hospital hell they assign me, but…

I’m sorry Mom— this is different, this is the E.R.
I’m not as good at that as you were…

There’s nothing funny about this.

And if there is, I just can’t find it.

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2 responses to “How To Get That Part —”

  • Evie:

    thx 4 trying to cheer me up, miss U 2 but back to bed w/a glass of white and no phone.

  • Rachel:

    what a huge PAIN — but if there’s a joke in there, you’ll find it. and how come you’ve got a cute picture and the rest of us look like a dutch quilt? MISS U xo

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