TV Pilot Season: Being Prepared

uncomfortable for everyone

uncomfortable for everyone

It’s a roller coaster ride of opportunities and BIG (nauseating) dips. It’s like any scary new door. You’ve got to walk through and–

Look your best,
Feel your best,
Be your best.

But, there’s only so much an actor can do.

Sometimes CD‘s and Producers aren’t even sure what they’re looking for, so it’s impossible for you to know. And sometimes even when they’re blown away by your performance, some Hot Shot in the chain of command decides to go –

in a different direction,
or with Katherine Heigl.
Basically things you have no control over.

Here’s the list of things you do have control over that are easy to do. Just allow yourself a little time for planning.

1) Get yourself into any Acting Class that scares you (warm up those acting muscles.)
2) Go to the hair salon for highlights and a trim (keep it clean and simple.)
3) Get together your audition wardrobe (see: “things to wear” list soon to be posted.)
4) Schedule a coffee with an agent or your manager or both (reconnect, strategize and laugh.)
5) Email any agents at your agency you haven’t spoken to in awhile just to say “hello” (remind them you exist.)
6) Go to the gym, run on the beach or take a dance class (just get yourself feeling great about your body so you don’t have to think about it later.)
7) Get into yoga, you’ll be thankful to have a place to release all your stress so you don’t carry it into the next day (pick a Hot Teacher who will motivate you- ahaha!)
8) Watch every TV show you can think of because you’ll either be reading for those shows or for the producers of those shows (knowledge is power.)
9) Talk to someone who will inspire you throughout the process (a therapist, a mentor or a really good friend.
10) Find someone to run lines with (a coach, an acting pal, or yourself in a really good mirror.)
11) Breathe.
12) After the auditions you nail (and you know when this happens) give yourself a little treat.
13) After the auditions you fail (and you know when this happens) give yourself a break and try to FIND THE FUNNY.

Good luck! Remember it’s a challenge for everyone, no matter how famous your name is —


(What are your preparation tips? They don’t have to relate to acting — they can just relate to life. Let me know in the comments.)

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