Talk the Talk


If you’re like me, working for auditions + the rare bonus of getting the job, then you know this; but if you’re sane, here’s what I’m talking about:

CD casting director
usually a woman, your best friend or your worst nightmare

AC acting coach
choose wisely, this is a key relationship for your career

Sides = lines for audition
just 2 – 3 pages you must turn into a killer performance

AD assistant director
has huge power over your call time, be cool and respect the position

DP director of photography
your BFF under hot lamps, pray he hates HD as much as you do


I can’t believe I even have to know this, but for an ER volunteer, there’s a chart for everything and a million ways to mess it all up:

GLAM = Greater Los Angeles Memorial Hospital
(or “hell”, depending on my mood)

Triage = first stop in ER for any patient
(last place I wanna be)

Fast Track = a big room off the waiting area for quickies
(not the fun kind!)

PC = patient confidentiality
(they’re big on this stuff)

John/Jane Doe – can’t be ID’d
(me, if my career dies here!)

CP = chest pains

SOB = (not what you think) short of breath

GSW = gun shot wound

KW = knife wound

Psych P – psych patient, often suicidal

VIP = (duh!) celeb or benefactor
(yep, they get the best tables here, too)

Frequent Flyer = drug addict just faking sick

Code Brown = yep, just like it sounds and smells

EVS = Environmental Services – the unlucky people who get called to clean up (the worst job in the ER)

How sick is it that I’ve got to know this stuff?

What do they call stuff at your ER?

Sentenced to volunteer at Greater L.A. Medical (GLAM!) Hospital... I'm on-call in my worst nightmare -- ?!
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