ER: Sweet Expectations


Lately I’ve had the Baking Bug, trying out recipes before the HOLIDAYS (and if I have to be honest, because I’ve been craving something sweet).

The FIRST & the LAST Bites are always the BEST!

Evie's Apple Nut Coffee Cake

Evie’s Apple Nut Coffee Cake

I always allow myself two bites of yummy batter and two bites of whatever I’ve made when it’s fresh-out-of-the-oven. I’m sure you know this —  because it’s a well-known fact —  if you stand in the kitchen and eat bites, it’s not really fattening : )

My Dad and his sweet tooth, are always on my “goodie basket drop-off list”, and our little neighbor Owen loves my chocolate cake with M&Ms.  But even when I share with them, there’s still too much TEMPTATION left over, and that last thing I need to do before an Audition is stuff my face.

So I’ve started taking my “Homemadies” to the staff in the ER.  See, everyone who works in the hospital has an insatiable appetite. Maybe it’s because of all of the running around and stress, or it could be a requirement when one applies for a job. But I’ve never been in the Hospital when the Doctors, Nurses, CP’s and EVS workers weren’t starved!

Before I started doing this, other than the people I know (like Tyrell, Mira, Anthony Chan and Dr. A) most of the staff would pass me in the hallway and if I was lucky I’d get an occasional “hey.”

But now it’s a TOTALLY DIFFERENT STORY. As soon as people see me it’s like they have a Pavlovian response

–  Ohmygod, your carrot cake is better than sex!

–  Evie, when I see you I’m starving!

— Evie, What day do you usually work?  We need to coordinate our schedules!

Even though I know why, it’s really great that they’re so glad to see me. I love feeling appreciated, and that’s how they say they feel too, so I don’t really mind that they’ve started expecting something sweet whenever I show up.

I like that they like me, but I didn’t start doing it so they would.  Still, I’ve gotta admit — it does work out kinda perfectly…

Maybe on my future Auditions I’ll take something sweet to the Casting Directors. I’d really be happy if they’d remember my name and look forward to seeing me again.

I wonder… do CD’s  like Chocolate Chip Cookies?

JUST KIDDING,  or maybe not  Ahaha!

performance-enhancing treats

performance-enhancing treats




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