Civil Unrest, Women’s Rights, and Environmental Concerns ROCK ON

dust, dope and delirious fans!

Wasn’t sure how I’d feel about Desert Trip (“Oldchella”) with the average age of performers teetering on 72, ahaha. I wondered if it’d feel like an oldie-but-goodie weekend where you feel kind of depressed watching wrinkled, balding performers go down memory lane, weakly. But it wasn’t like that – not at all! I didn’t get to stay for Roger Waters because I had to be at my part-time job Monday morning with Dr Frankenstein, but for me the big three were —

Mick Jagger, Neil Young and Paul McCartney

Who knows if it’s drugs or vitamins, but whatever they’re taking it’s working!  No wonder Mick Jagger, at 73, is about to become a dad again. He’s still got the moves!  McCartney and Young were clearly in the zone as they jammed on Beatle classics and a John Lennon Anthem! Yep, it was ROCK AND ROLL MAGIC at it’s very best! We (all 70,000 of us) felt lucky to be a part of it!

McCartney and Young jammin'

McCartney and Young playing their hearts out!

The more things change, the more they stay the same —

What got to me most in the listening to the songs, some of which were 50 years old, was how timeless, relevant and universal many of them were. The video/light show back-drops showed the same issues we’re still dealing with today: civil unrest, women’s rights, senseless wars, environmental concerns and homelessness. It’s sad. So many have lost their lives fighting for these causes, and yet, the need to fight is as strong as ever. We can never give up trying to solve the problems that seem unsolvable. We must always stand up for what’s just for everyone, regardless of color, gender or economic status. As Neil Young sings, we’ve gotta  Keep On Rockin in the Free World. 

“Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!”


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