PART TIME JOB with Dr. Frankenstein

my awesome new boss

my awesome new boss

Happy to report — I’ve got a new part time job! Yay! As I continue to pursue my ready-to-revive Acting career, I’m no longer forced to be an Uber Driver in L.A.’s gridlock (to make ends meet.) Volunteering in the ER is already starting to pay off in weird and unexpected ways because my new boss knows I’ll respect “patient confidentiality” and won’t blab about her A-List Clients who show up regularly to “renew, restore, rejuvenate” aka “look younger.”

I call her Dr. Frankenstein but her real name is Mila Morgan

Mila is super smart (obvi, she hired me.) She graduated Nursing School with honors, was a head RN at a Level 1 Trauma Intensive Care Unit (we bonded) and was offered a scholarship at Mayo Clinic where she did an anesthesiology residency (wow, a lot of credits!) Later she received a MA in counseling psychology, specializing in addiction medicine and that’s when she was introduced to Microcurrent Therapy because of good results with patients with depression and anxiety.

According to Dr. F — 

Microcurrent lifts, tightens, firms and strengthens the face muscles and skin by “rebooting” the electrical system of the body… which results in new production and storage of collagen and elastin (changing you from the inside out). This “reboot” also improves overall health mostly by decreasing inflammation in the body. I know I probably sound ridiculous and I feel like the snake oil doctor at the circus, but science proves what I’m saying, and my results speak for themselves.

Age-Schmage, Everyone Can Look and Feel Better —

Even Actresses in their 20s and 30s come in for Mila’s Microcurrent Therapy (I know, I know… it’s L.A.) because she can perform miracles rebooting the system.  No matter what your age, you’ll look younger. Mila’s non-invasive procedures are perfect for actresses like me edging out of our 20s, who still have to compete with the never-ending hotties on the horizon. I’m so relieved I won’t have to resort to getting stuck with those lumpy fillers everyone’s getting, resulting in bruising and bizarre expressions. (Casting Directors hate those frozen face looks.)

Just one Microcurrent session on my face gave me a glow that resulted in a call back on a pilot audition. Yay! And Mila even proved to me that she could take one inch off of a tummy in one session. (Yes, I’m embarrassed to say, I had an extra inch, but Dr. Frankenstein got rid of it.) I know this pain-free procedure sounds too good to be true, but Mila’s protocol really works.

Mila Morgan inspires me to make the most of me and she’s so cool, she thinks it’s funny when I call her Dr. Frankenstein.

P.S. I already have less anxiety about aging-out of acting — it was totally my idea to write this post, not hers!

P.S.S. Mila’s real assistant is Davina. I’m Davina’s Assistant when I’m not going to auditions or volunteering.


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