New Year’s Eve SUPERSTITIONS: Pick the Right Panties

Who knew that on NEW YEAR’S EVE the color of your underwear determines the color of your future for the following year?! Whaaaa?!  I knew about red underwear and the fertility issues, but had no idea I could create my own destiny by choosing the right butt-hugging hue. YIKES! I’ve probably been wearing black on the 31st — the absolute wrong choice! So that explains why things haven’t been going my way for the last few years, career-wise or otherwise. Ugh!


RED for hot-hot passion and maybe a surprise around September. But if checking into Labor and Delivery isn’t in your September plan for 2018, you might go for —

YELLOW for good fortune, prosperity and the ability to pay off your credit card (ahhh, that would be nice) or

GREEN for better luck than last year (yeah, uh-huh, definitely)  or —

BLUE for good health (always a good idea, especially after what I see at the hospital) or —

PINK for luck in love, (romance, YES, true-love YES) or

WHITE for peace, joy and happiness (who doesn’t want that?) —

Not sure yet what I’ll pick. What about you? Let’s just agree that whatever we decide, our panties will not be BLACK! Okay? Deal!

BLACK undies on NEW YEAR’S EVE brings BAD LUCK , and I’ve had enough of that — I’m sure you have too.

Not telling what color I’ll choose, sorry — only one person will know that 😉

Whatever you decide, I wish you a Happy, Healthy, Safe 2018!




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