I Miss Rachel

KaboomThe first thing I put up on my freshly painted bedroom wall when I moved in, was a square piece of art with the word “kaboom” written on it in neon colors – and sparkles of course.

This little gem was a gift from my best friend and soul mate, Rachel, who moved away from Los Angeles to go live a normal and peaceful life — a non-actress life — one that includes marriage and two beautiful babies and green trees everywhere.

The night we met the lights in her apartment building had gone out. As it was a relatively sketchy building with a super creepy old landlady who left her door ajar, I convinced my new friend that we needed to go get candles to de-spook the situation. So we returned with supplies.

As we lit the candles, the details of her charm came to life…

  • A Chinese lantern
  • A perfectly mod living area
  • An old-fashioned vanity table with
  • Jewels splattered about

We painted one perfectly chosen wall HOT PINK and were inseparable ever since.

She inspired me on so many levels. First, her fashion sense was to die for. She had little money so she was forced to be creative and I swear she predicted trends before they happened on a regular basis.

We loved the same Portland-esque rock bands: Pavement, Built To Spill, P.J. Harvey and of course when Liz Phair came into Sushi Roku where she hostessed, Rachel called me immediately to see if i wanted to sit at the sushi bar in her presence.

We laughed at the same things, cried as often as two girls could, and spoke the same Piscean language. Everywhere we went, people would ask if we were sisters. We dreamed of one day opening up a bar with splashes of fuchsia everywhere that we’d call “Hot Rock.”

When she started to talk of leaving I knew she meant it and of course that broke my heart. The only thing keeping her here by the end was me and I believed she should find a full life elsewhere, where she could start a family and find peace of mind.

But she still colors each of my days, whether it’s the embroidered antique pillow she sent for my birthday that rests on my modern chair, or the Wallace Stevens poem she wrote out for me that is pinned to my massive picture board, or the Polaroid of her in her vintage yellow sweater with a big smile, giving me the finger — ahahahaha.

Missing her…

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5 responses to “I Miss Rachel”

  • […] MOTHERHOOD OMG! Rachel is the quintessential Mother Earth — she’s in continuous nuture-protect mode. She devotes the best of herself each and every day to her kids. She grows her own veggies and then purees them for her baby. She makes all of her kids’ costumes and they’re always contest winners.  Whenever it’s a holiday, she and her kids handcraft the cutest gifts — like homemade picture frames with their photos inside, wrapped in their own hand-painted wrapping paper. She’s definitely found her calling. Amazing. I miss Rachel… […]

  • […] Rachel, my bff who knows where to find anything and everything (even though she rarely leaves Portland, Oregon) just turned me onto The Hunt, this rad site that helps you track down anything — if you’ve got a picture of it (like from Tumbler or Pinterest or Instagram). She just tracked down this cool Isabel Marant blazer she saw on Pinterest, but she didn’t even know it was Isabel, till The Hunt helped her find it. […]

  • Evie:

    Yeah PT, I never would’ve had time to blog or any of this if Rachel were still here; you too, probably, right? I like the 20SB virtual friends I’m meeting and I like my friends from class, my Niles and friends from the cast (but most go off on another show or a series or location), but that one BFF is different. Glad you get it.

    And your post on words? They’re the 2nd most powerful thing ever. Think about it.


  • P T:

    Reminds me of my friendship with my BFF! We live miles apart. I moved almost across half the planet to settle down. I miss her too!! Sometimes all you need is a BFF and not a coupla hundreds of ‘good friends’…
    .-= Check out P T´s latest: I Hate It. Period. =-.

  • Rachel:

    u r sooooo sweet…me 2!!!…i’ll txt u 4 a looong call once he’s deep in nap-state.
    xo me

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