Finding the MOTIVATION

what drives you?

what drives you?

What do you thrive on?
What’s the air that you breathe?
What needs to be part of the mix, to keep you interested?

In ACTING we figure out our character’s “Motivation.” Have you ever tried that exercise in real life with the people you know? Have you ever tried it with yourself?

Mira, my good-karma gal-pal at the ER, will do anything and everything, as long as it’s appreciated.  She thrives on smiles, “thank you,” and people who say, “you’re an angel” (even when she’s not wearing wings). But take her for granted, and she’s instantly over it – ready to move on— done, NEXT!

There’s an Actress in one of my Acting Classes (I can’t name-drop) who is always falling in love. Se throws herself completely into each and every new relationship. Sometimes her love connections last two years, sometimes two weeks. But no matter what, she’s never discouraged in her search for a soul mate. She’s certain he’s out there. She’s so totally open to “romantic possibility” and baggage-free, I envy her.

I had a boyfriend once, an Architectural student who I was attracted to partially because he was so creative. He inspired creativity in me and in everyone around him. Only problem was that whenever a project was almost finished, he’d look at it a different way and decide to try something else. So frustrating. And he also liked to argue a lot. Whenever anyone says, “yeah, but what about…” I think about him (and not in a good way).

OMG! Rachel is the quintessential Mother Earth — she’s in continuous nuture-protect mode. She devotes the best of herself each and every day to her kids. She grows her own veggies and then purees them for her baby. She makes all of her kids’ costumes and they’re always contest winners.  Whenever it’s a holiday, she and her kids handcraft the cutest gifts — like homemade picture frames with their photos inside, wrapped in their own hand-painted wrapping paper. She’s definitely found her calling. Amazing. I miss Rachel

Dr. Adam (one of my motivations for showing up on my ER shifts) seems like he gets off on admiration because he totally knows how to work it. There’s always a constant line of female stalker patients who can’t wait to stop by after their ER visits to drop off candy, flowers, and invitations for who knows what. Truth is, he’s such an awesome caring doctor, it’s impossible to not admire him.

Niles, my “girlfriend”|hairstylist|neighbor eats, breathes and sleeps drama. That’s what makes him so much fun. He’s got the goods on everyone in Hollywood and his own colorful love life. Niles attracts|creates|enjoys drama drama drama. He’s a riot.

This would have to be my Mom, the most half-full person I’ll ever know…right up till the end.  No matter how bad her day was, she managed to put a positive spin on it. Plus she appreciated all of the good and tried to ignore the bad. I wish wish wish I could be more like that.  (I feel a sunflower seed craving coming on.)

So the big question I keep asking myself is:

What’s the air I breathe? What’s my Motivation?

Everyone’s motivated by a little of this and a little of that. Who doesn’t like Admiration and Appreciation? And, when you’re in your Twenties, a little Drama basically comes with the age, right?

I’m still trying to figure it out, but I think “what makes me tick” has something to do about CONNECTING through COMEDY.  Not just making people laugh (although that’s important in a Comedy Audition) but it’s more about connecting with them – making sure they “get” me and I “get” them. It’s not about laughing at me (like Stand-up Comedy – I’m horrible at that)  but laughing with me (like, we share a funny “light-bulb” moment together).

And when we can laugh (together) at a moment that isn’t typically funny, all the better…

What motivates you?

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