Heart or Hormones ?

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Is FOREVER AND EVER a figment of my imagination?

Is he someone I can’t have, so that makes me want him more? Or is he in my heart deeply, purely, completely because we’re meant to be?

Are we just a romantic moment? A true love story? Best friends? Soul mates? Two simply in sync?

Or is he a drug zapping me of sense of time and consequence? Do I experience withdrawal because I’m I addicted to the fantasy?

looking for "the one"

looking for “the one”

Am I a physical attraction that will fade from his romantic sunset? The chase that’s no longer exciting, once he catches up?

Will he slay dragons and swim through shark infested waters through sickness and frustrating life-sucking situations? Will he stick with me when I get crabby, stomachache-y and emotional monthly?

Am I the gold watch he’ll want to keep time with eternally… and will  I stay in his heart deeply, purely and completely?

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