Changing the Channel to Community Service

it's really smart+funny

it’s really smart+funny

I really like Joel McHale’s new series ‘Community’ (except that, no offense,  I so should be playing Britta), so I’m online looking for some of the extras when I find this instead —

This article called “Community service as a TV theme” on today that talks about all of the networks spotlighting giving back, so it’ll be a recurring theme on daytime, prime time, all-the-time shows on NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox and cable.

Meanwhile, I’ve been cast in the real world as a volunteer and NO ONE will be tuning in to me.

It’s all being done byiParticipate and if you go to their website you’ll see Ashton, Demi, Faith Hill…

But again – NO ME.

Still, I can’t help but feel some of the Obama-esque pride of giving back (even though I’m being forced to) because it doesn’t matter how you get there, it only matters that you’re making a difference, right?



(Are you volunteering (on purpose) for something?
Let me know… and if you volunteer for a hospital and especially for an ER, let me know how you manage with all that hand-washing… I’m going through gobs of hand lotion every shift!)

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2 responses to “Changing the Channel to Community Service”

  • well SOME people are tuning in.. on here.
    .-= Check out elledee´s latest: Save or Splurge =-.

    • Evie...:

      am glad yr tuning in. btw have you ever tried to make those fabric trees? they’re really cool.

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