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Romance can not be planned, it’s a known fact! Keep reading Ohhh, the PRESSURE of VALENTINE'S DAY

Sweet Summer Surprise: NBC’s WELCOME TO SWEDEN

rom with real com!

rom with real com!

Perhaps it’s due to the afterglow from my summer fling with Jorgen, or maybe it’s the best comedy of the summer, but either way I find myself totally into Greg Poehler’s fresh fish-out-of-water half-hour, WELCOME

Remembering: Restaurants, Romance, SPAIN 2014

I packed a lot into my 10-day trip to Spain… Keep reading Remembering: Restaurants, Romance, SPAIN 2014

Living in L.A. = Death of Romance

Oh no, what if it spreads everywhere?! Keep reading Living in L.A. = Death of Romance

Fate vs Free Will

Controlling fate feels very tempting… Keep reading Fate vs Free Will

HEART BEATS – Evie Stewart’s Valentine’s Playlist 2014

February 14th: Girls have high expectations — Guys want to flee. Keep reading HEART BEATS - Evie Stewart's Valentine's Playlist 2014

Accepting the NOT MEANT TO BE

in the end

How do we know if we need to work harder for something we really want or if it’s time to give up, time to let go? That’s a tough question, because when we’re in the middle of it – like a career we think we’re right for, but stuck halfway up a very high hill —  or a… Keep reading Accepting the NOT MEANT TO BE

Sentenced to volunteer at Greater L.A. Medical (GLAM!) Hospital... I'm on-call in my worst nightmare -- ?!
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