Mixed Messages for Valentine’s Day? (Thanks a NOT!)

a certain someone

No need to consult my CRYSTAL BALL about Valentine’s Day. I’ll be getting countless contradictory verbal and nonverbal romantic riddles from Dr. Adam — same as last year, only more of ’em.

It’s exhausting trying to figure out how he can sound closed-off, as he stands ultra-close. I’m not talking about some of the time, I’m talking about all of the time. And no, I’m not imagining it! He actually leans into my body when he says, “Do me a favor and get some ice.” – (No it’s not for our chilled drinks, it’s for an icebag for a patient!)

He’s a perfectly proper Physician whenever anyone’s around in the ER, but then very flirty when no one’s watching.  So does he or doesn’t he: Like me? Love me? Get me? Need me? Want me? Hey, I don’t even know if I want him – unless I get to pick the version I want.

Flirtatious Flashback —

Dr. Crush and I are in the hospital cafeteria in the middle of the night when it’s practically empty. He makes us go to a table in the way-way-way back, but for once we do have a real conversation where he reveals a little (uhm no, I’m not going tell you what he reveals, because if it gets back that I’m blabbing he’ll never reveal anything again—not that he’d ever look at a blog or even know what one is – but still I need to be careful what I write. You get that, right?)

But here’s an example of how things tend to go —

I’ve learned my lesson. There’s a time and a place –  for most of us. I wasn’t always as conservative as I look.

And I’ve never been as wild as you think. You know, it’s part of my “image.”

Good acting.

And that’s all you see? Because I don’t think I’m wild, as much as playful. I like to make people smile. Don’t you like to smile, Dr. Adam?

As much as the next guy, trust me. It’s just that… right now… I’m  playing it nice and safe.

I could never be with someone whose idea of “play” is “nice and safe.”

I could never be with someone who needs a 12-step program for Impulse Control.

So… I guess that makes us…

(at the same time)

Then on “Friends” my foot accidentally touches his calf and neither of us move an inch, for like an eternity — so what does that mean?
What does it all mean? Nothing? Something? Everything?

Yep, I know what I’m getting this February 14th! Ugh!

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