O M G !
No one told me that part of my Volunteer duties is being a witness to

Someone else’s PELVIC EXAM!

Last night on my ER shift I’m minding my own business when the verrry attractive  Dr. A motions for me to come over to him, which at first I think is a good thing, until —

I realize it’s because he needs me to be with him in the exam room when his hand is up someone else’s Whooha!

So before I can say –

No way will I be that room, when you do THAT!

I’m in there.
Looking down.
Looking up.
Looking anywhere but you-know-where.

So I close my eyes. And when he tells his Tweener Patient, “This might be a little cold,” I go “ouuuu!” When he says, “This might hurt a little bit,” I go “ouch!”

She starts laughing ‘cuz she thinks I’m really funny.  I feel nauseous ‘cuz I think I’m gonna faint.

Okay, sure — he’s probably very nice about it, as far as Pelvic Exams go —

But I have a hard enough time going to my own Pelvics.

I’m just trying to get rid of the image…

Let’s not talk about it anymore.

Sorry for the short post.

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