Drama in the ER: Unsolved Mystery


who knew?

It was pretty crowded in Triage last night when this Caretaker-like Woman, very normal seeming, came up to me carrying a (seemingly harmless) brown paper bag.

She was  trying to dispose of old hypodermic needles and she didn’t want to leave them any place where they could be accidentally found. It seemed reasonable to me (at least at the time) so I took the bag and said I’d get rid of it for her.

I went into the Treatment area and threw the bag into a Hazardous Waste Container and sort of forgot about it, until an hour later when Miguel the Guard asked me what was inside the bag. When I told him, he looked disturbed and pulled me over to tell Anthony the Triage Nurse.

Well, Anthony can be sort of pissy at times, and last night was definitely one of those times. He made me show him where I threw the bag away and he kind of went into a little hissyfit, putting on gloves and and dramatically (he should’ve gotten an Emmy) pulled the bag out, horrified. I (oops!) hadn’t realized that someone in Environmental Services could’ve accidentally stuck themselves by emptying the trash the wrong way and that could’ve been really bad, if the needles were infected.

Apparently there are Sharpie Containers for needles, but this bag was so huge that Anthony couldn’t even fit it into one of them, so he had to call some Special Tech person to deal with it. Later Anthony pointed out to me that the needles could have been from anywhere and that keeping them could create some liability for the hospital.

It was all starting to feel c r e e p y,

Like Hitchcock was filming me

I started imagining this whole big murder mystery and suggested to Anthony that maybe the Caretaker-like Woman had killed someone (or even more than one) with the needles and then gave me the evidence to get rid of in the hospital, where it could never be traced to her.


Anthony just rolled his eyes and said I’d been watching too many CSI’s…

(What creepy things have happened to you? Share in the comments.)

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6 responses to “Drama in the ER: Unsolved Mystery”

  • Vic:

    OOoooopppsie…..I’m a needle freak! I get to give shots and it’s so powerful! Don’t rub me the wrong way or your getting hurt…hahahaha….LOL

    It would certainly suck getting poked!

    .-= Check out Vic´s latest: Nancy Grace Being Sued =-.

    • Evie...:

      I’d be scared to actually “give” shots like you do. That would make ME freak out!

  • Amy:

    Wow! That is pretty creepy. I’ve never heard of women going on killing sprees with needles before! Crazy stuff for sure.
    Nothing that creepy has ever happened to me. I have about a million stories I could tell you about creepy older men hitting on me though. Eww.
    .-= Check out Amy´s latest: A FLAVORFUL NIGHT.. =-.

    • Evie...:

      Creepy old men definitely fall into the nightmarish category too!

  • Alright, I am thankful I don’t work around needles, then. Yeeuck.
    .-= Check out nicopolitan´s latest: Of Breathing And Bleeding =-.

    • Evie...:

      I knowww. It was an unusual situation. My Volunteer Training didn’t include, “What to do if someone hands you a bag of used hypodermic needles.”

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