Evie Stewart’s Holiday Wishlist 2016

ohm in style!

ohm in style!

The Holiday Time Clock is ticking…ticking…ticking 

Distraction from the insane election and our new reality really made me lose sense of time… There are only 17 more days till Christmas Eve and the first night of Hanukkah!  Yikes! Before the holidays come and go, here’s a quick wish list to make holiday shopping a little easier. The WISH capsules are a MUST! Let’s all wish for peace, understanding and a less-divisive world.

capsules for wishes, hopes, dreams and goals

capsules for wishes, hopes, dreams and goals

10 Gifts to wish for — from $3.00 up

  1. Wish Capsules perfectly priced @$3.00 — write your wish, place it in the capsule and carry it wherever you go.
  2. Message Jewelry handmade with your own magical message @$25.00 — a way to “say it” in style.
  3. Satin Lid Tints to help you sparkle plenty @$28.00 — in bronze, lilac, peach and smoke.
  4. Metallic Paper Tassel Chandelier @$48.00 —  paper pizzazz to snazz-up any room.
  5. Clare V Pom Pom Tassel @$55.00 — finally a way to find keys… fast and fabulously!
  6. Glamglow Youthmud @$69.0 — a fountain-of-youth-facial in a jar without parabens or sulphates.
  7. Lunar Phases Swell Bottle 17 oz. @$50.00 — a cool cosmic wonder in limited edition.
  8. Blue Lunar Yoga Mat @$75.00 — foldable, washable,  eco-friendly and a great companion to the Lunar Swell.
  9. James Perse Cardigan Stitch Beanie @$125.00 — a comfy, cozy, casual classic.
  10. Make it Personal Gold Rings @$144 — romantic rings in rose, yellow or white gold
look good while you hydrate :)

look good while you hydrate 🙂




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