Monday Inspirations

do-over days

There’s something about Mondays that feels like a FRESH START – kinda like January 1st when the New Year is in front of us. We leave last week’s pity party behind and FIND THE FUNNY in last week’s disaster.

Mondays inspire us, encourage us and motivate us to

  • do better
  • look better
  • be better

Weekly Resolutions

Mondays are “get organized” days. We make that dental appointment we’ve been putting off (we make it weeks or months from now, but at least we make it!) Or we arrange to take the car in for service because the orange light that’s been on for weeks just turned RED and the car sounds like ET just swallowed a vibrator!

Diets start on Mondays. Weekly work-out schedules are planned on Mondays.  Lists are made on Mondays. When a week starts out fresh, we do too. Life’s a little like school — if we screwed up last week’s test, on Monday we decide we’re gonna ace the next one.

Best part about Mondays?  Even if we totally f-up this week, we’ll have another chance in 7 more days to try again. Ahaha!

I used to hate Mondays, but now I’m kinda grateful for them.

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