organized for all occasions

organized for all occasions

My best friend, Rachel, remembers everyone’s everything! She’s like a “THOROUGHBRED OF THOUGHTFULNESS” who collects cool cards to keep all-year-round — so she’s always ready to remember everyone.  But she’s totally disorganized and can’t remember where she put that perfect card when she needs it. Crazy Rae!

Enter Evie!

I’ve been collecting cards to give Rachel for months —


enthusiastic energizers

you-go-girl cards

This week I went to  Staples and bought clear poly envelopes with ties and a clear refill for my P-Touch Labeler. Next I printed out labels with various categories, like: “Congrats”, “This & That”, “Gee Thanks”, “B-Day” (and of course I thought of way-better categories after I’d finished, but that’s okay I’ll make them next time).

I filled each plastic envelope with the appropriate cute, clever and cool cards.  Then I recycled a Christmas Box that just happened to be the perfect size!

"glad you were born" cards

“glad you were born” cards

I know Rachel’s gonna love her ORGANIZED CARD COLLECTION. She’ll think of me all year around whenever she needs a card and knows exactly where to find it. And I can give her new cards to refill her packets year-after-year, which I’ll love — because discovering cards to send to Rachel will be just as much fun as she’ll have when she sends them to her friends and family. She might even send me one, like —

“I’m your biggest fan!” (ahaha!)

There must be someone on your list this would be perfect for.  And I’m sure you have some cool card stores nearby, so you can easily pull this off in the next few days. Let me know what categories you come up with. I might need to borrow them the next time I do this.

In the meantime…

Merry Collecting and Creating!




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