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Voices In My Head

I don’t plan on driving in L.A. rush hour for my long-range career plan, so Ubering is a temporary fix — Keep reading Voices In My Head

Protecting Ourselves With Prejudice

What’s the cure for Xenophobia? Keep reading Protecting Ourselves With Prejudice

Team TRUMP — NOT Funny

Imagine the danger to all of us if this man had real power? Keep reading Team TRUMP -- NOT Funny


Breaking up was never fun, now it’s never-ending… Keep reading DIY Self-Torture: SOCIAL MEDIA

Make a Difference

give-back, do more, volunteer for something! Keep reading Make a Difference

Finding our PASSION: Finding the POINT

hope there's a point

hope there’s a point

Why am I doing this? Who knows why?

Trying to make it as an actor when most people fail.  Stressing myself out every step of the way.  Worrying if I’ll get the audition – worrying if I’ll look the part – worrying if I’ll… Keep reading Finding our PASSION: Finding the POINT

Finding The Funny with THE SKELETON TWINS

nothing's gonna step them now

nothing’s gonna stop them now

During my Amazing Mom’s much-too-short life she managed to find the funny during the darkest of times, so unsurprisingly I raced out to see THE SKELETON TWINS opening weekend after learning that it’s about family members (Maggie and Milo)… Keep reading Finding The Funny with THE SKELETON TWINS

Sentenced to volunteer at Greater L.A. Medical (GLAM!) Hospital... I'm on-call in my worst nightmare -- ?!
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