A Dollar for the Swear Jar

“Arts, Briefly” is pretty much the only section of the New York Times (besides the headlines and crossword puzzle clues) that I read and my eyes lit up when I saw…

Language of ‘Saturday Night Live’ Cast Member Isn’t Ready for Prime Time

SNL cast member swears on national television, OOPS!

I guess The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (no relation, obvi) makes me forget swearing’s still a no-no on broadcast (and with kids in the cast of the Nick show, I never got into bad habits), but those SNL guys swear up a storm in rehearsal so it’s funny that it’s a big deal. But here’s the deal:

Apparently recently hired, Jenny Slate swore in a sketch in the premiere with Megan Fox (which means VIEWERS!) I guess in all the years of SNL that’s only happened a few times, which is remarkable right there.

jenny goes oops

Jenny Slate goes OOPS!

Of course I found it particularly interesting because I fantasize about being on SNL again… but with recent personal EVENTS of the public nature, I don’t expect THAT call anytime soon.

So when I see that someone else screw up —  sorry, but it makes me somehow feel better about my own. I know that’s kind of terrible.

Maybe I should start a bad-karma-jar and tip into it anytime I feel better at bad press hitting anyone but me.

Hopefully SNL keep her around long enough to make up for it, she’s getting a lot of publicity from it. You know how they say “there’s no such thing as bad publicity”?

God I hope it’s true.  I don’t want “Arts Briefly” to sum up my career.

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4 responses to “A Dollar for the Swear Jar”

  • Tayla:

    Hey, can you hook me up with Seth Meyers? Saw him and his hunky brother, Josh, on Jimmy Fallon the other night. I am SO in love!

  • Evie:

    Thanks for the ‘force’ — I’ll need it.

  • Ricky:

    I meant JAR not job. Maybe my mind was on something else.

  • Ricky:

    My bad karma job would be very full. May the force be with you.

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