Fall TV: First Impressions

must or must not see TV

must or must not see TV

THE EVENT – Well that it was! Only problem I have with it is that the story is so ambitious and complicated that I’m left a little confused by the bombastic final scene. The cast is so amazing I just wish I were a little more invested in the characters by the end of the pilot. The back and forth jolting nature of the storytelling made my blonde head spin a little. I suppose just the fact that I need some clarity will have to be enough for me to want to watch the second episode. But I will say I heart Jason Ritter. He’s the bee’s knees.

HAWAII FIVE-O – I didn’t actually watch this show because it’s so not my thing but I will say that I heard from an inside source (someone who actually works on the series) that Scott Caan evidently STEALS the show, that the whole supporting cast is great, and the locations are stunning. So for those into action thrilling whatevers… I bet it’s entertaining.

BOARDWALK EMPIRE – well, despite the fact that I updated my Facebook status leading up to the premier with BOARDWALK EMPIRE, announcing to the world that I was sophisticated enough to dedicate my whole day anticipating it’s arrival… my ADD kicked in after 5 minutes and I switched to either TOP CHEF  or AMERICA’S TOP MODEL. I know that Steve Buscemi is amazing on the show and that the series is going to in fact be fantastic, but I never got into Sopranos either so this might not make the cut in the end. But I haven’t removed the season pass just yet. I’m hoping to pull it together and watch what I believe will be great HBO television.

TOP CHEF DESSERTS – Um…amazing. Give me a cupcake quickfire challenge any day and I am SOLD. While there is one loose cannon in the cast whose drama and tears distract me from what I actually care about — the quality of the baking — it doesn’t get in the way of the level of enjoyment I feel when I see the most amazing and creative desert dishes on the planet. These bakers are definitely top of the line. “BRAVO” to Bravo!!!!

MY GENERATION – when I read the pilot, I thought to myself: “This is an interesting concept but ambitious for network television.” I knew it would have to be executed really well for it to actually work. And–  it doesn’t. Too contrived. I think the writing, the acting, and obviously the directing are “less than.” I was so bored I went to go do my makeup in the other room. Handsome cast but other than that…. NEXT! (cancelled 10-1 – second show to go)

RUNNING WILDE – Well I love the Stars on the show and the Creatives behind it so much that I actually sat down and watched the whole thing. As far as taste and style goes, I totally get it and think it’s intelligent. It’s just that the storyline itself is kind of well, dull. Maybe it’s trying to tell a story with some depth, but it comes across as very superficial and fake and silly (not in a good way). I just don’t really care what happens to any of these characters, but I hope it ends being a show I actually enjoy. I will say, KERI RUSSELL — I had my doubts about your ability to do half-hour comedy, but you proved me wrong! Oh and you’re really really pretty.

LONE STAR – While the lead guy is cute and the two brides are both hot, I found myself overwhelmingly bored and disappointed. Nothing about this show feels remotely interesting. But the blonde from FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (Adrianne Palacki) looks even more beautiful as a brunette, so I did learn something from it. All in all, the posters are a lot sexier than the show itself. (oops! cancelled 9-29 – first show to go)

THE BIG C –  (Technically introduced in summer, but still airing new episodies) Excellent excellent excellent! Laura Linney is just beyond perfection. I love the story, the way it’s told, the acting, the look, the cast… I just love it. And. I did NOT expect to. But it’s a really intelligent and moving story and it does keep you guessing each week (and laughing). Plus, that hot young doc reminds me of a young George Clooney and WHO DOESN’T LOVE THAT?! It pairs so nicely with my favorite show in the world, Weeds. Makes for a lovely Monday night.


What are your current faves and un-faves? Tell in the comments.

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2 responses to “Fall TV: First Impressions”

  • I saw lone star and didn’t like it. I just got kinda bored halfway through and switched the channel to a baseball game. The event was ok and it has kind of a “lost” vibe to it with all the weirdness going on. I didn’t see the other ones on this list so I wont comment on those. However I did see and for the most part enjoyed Detroit 187. That series should be pretty good and as a bonus the entire series outside of the first episode is being filmed in Detroit. And more importantly its being filmed in and around the neighborhood I live in. Hopefully I’ll be able to see myself in the background of an upcoming episode.
    .-= Check out T1theinfamous´s latest: Just killing time here =-.

    • Evie...:

      Yeah, we agree about Lone Star (I keep reading that it’s about to be cancelled, which kind of makes me feel bad for everyone connected with it). Haven’t seen Detroit 187, but now that I know it’s in your neighborhood and that you might be in it, I’ll definitely definitely watch! You can play a tough guy with a heart of gold. Ahaha!

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