Drama Drama Drama — Strong Women in Film


Drama, the good kind, is where it’s at in film right now. Some of the best new DRAMAS focus on strong, resourceful, complicated WOMEN characters,  driven by PURPOSE. Couldn’t happen at a better time — just as Hillary Clinton forges ahead in the Presidential campaign. Go Hillary!

Amazing Actresses like CAREY MULLIGAN, BRIE LARSON and CATE BLANCHETT haunt and inspire us in powerful performances that make a difference. These women and the characters they portray challenge us to do better and be better in our own lives.

Carey Mulligan is a Standout in Suffragette

Carey Mulligan’s passionate “Maud Watts,” a political innocent, factory-working wife/mother is radicalized by events and moved by real-life feminist activist, Emmeline Pankhurst, as she sacrifices what most of us never could, in order to make the world a fairer place for women. Parts of Mulligan’s performance are almost too painful to watch, as she experiences torture and tragedy in her sacrifice for Women’s Rights. The list of dates at the end, displaying where and when Women have won the right to vote is shocking because in our country we take this right so for granted.

I Predict An Oscar in Brie Larson’s Future —


Brie Larson’s “Ma” is the ultimate survivor as she protects her son’s innocence after hers has been stolen. Five-year-old Jack’s entire world is an eleven-foot shed where he lives with his mom, yet he has no idea that it’s a bad place or that he and his mom are being held captive by his father who’s his mother’s rapist. I saw the film over two weeks ago, yet the trailer still brings tears to my eyes.


Blanchett’s “Mary Mapes” Commits Career Suicide with “Rathergate” —


Cate Blanchett’s layered portrayal of CBS’s dedicated, hard-nosed “Mary Mapes,” who in an earnest attempt to authenticate documents to expose a truth about George Bush prior to the Presidential election, inadvertently creates a tsunami at CBS ending in disgrace for herself, her tireless team and veteran newscaster, Dan Rather. Blanchett’s delivery of her climactic speech in the third act is extraordinary.

Roles That Resonate

As Mulligan, Larson and Blanchett take us on journeys of courage, loss and resilience, they challenge us all to advance as they have… far beyond the comfort zone… where GREATNESS is revealed.


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