try it, you might like it : )

try it, you might like it : )

OMG I’m an Actor! So why is “Acting” NORMAL the hardest acting job in the universe? Why does it feel so out-of-body the moment I walk into “The Room?” I can be charismatic at the cleaners, where Mr. Chin thinks I’m hilarious; I’m totally in sync with Julio who makes the best Ice Blendeds at Starbucks;  but when I see a Casting Director in an AUDITION, it’s like I experience “white coat syndrome” only it’s with “deciders”, not doctors!  Seriously, my pulse goes bananas and I just wanna split.

Niles, my hairstylist/bff/therapist/family surrogate has been helping me un-psyche-myself-out  — I don’t need to worry about my performance, according to my kindest critic, because I always have that down.  BUT I need to WOW them with my confidence and charisma — specifically during my entrance and exit into “The Room.” (Can someone please just write those lines for me? — Is there a Coach for that? Or something I can Google?)

So…last week my Agent Josh sent me sides for a guest part on a family cable show — for a hottie, late 20’s, who’s trying to seduce someone’s Dad  (I know-I know,  that’s what they call “Family Entertainment” these days)…  Anyway, after I coached for the Audition, I called Niles for moral support and he said —

Get your tight tush to the Chanel counter at Barneys and have them glam you up,  Girl!

Then afterwards Niles stopped by my place for a fashion intervention and a quick blow-dry.  I wore the leather pants he picked out (though I thought they were a bit “much”) and even let him put more red lipstick on me after I was totally made up!

just the right touch can do wonders!

just the right touch can do wonders!

Gotta admit, I didn’t even recognize myself, when I walked into that room with a big red rose-colored smile, all confident and charismatic (partially because I pretended the CD was Niles) and yes, I nailed the audition and left smiling after the Casting Director said  —

 “Great job, you could’ve done that with your eyes closed.

Josh called me on my way home, I got a CALLBACK with Producers! YAY!

(It’s not like I did anything so different — I think it was more about checking everything off my inner-list, so I went in as “my best in every way” and felt prepared and confidant — plus it didn’t hurt when I could see from the moment I walked in that the Casting Director was actually paying attention to me — who wouldn’t smile at that?!)

I hope-hope-hope I can do it again and again and again.

I mean, PILOT SEASON is happening. EVIE STEWART needs to happen too!

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2 responses to “ACTING Normal”

  • Mike:

    YES! good job Evie Stewart. This is the year 🙂

    • Evie...:


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