And Justice For All: Good News

growing stronger!

Phew! There actually are checks-and-balances protecting U.S. citizens (and Actors!) I’m heartened by a few examples this week.

A glimmer of light, at least for now —

First and most famous is the public way our “No Rules” President learned that uhmmm… there actually are rules…  And that it might be wise to stop insulting judges like the courageous Judge Robart and start respecting the separation of powers because in some cases other powers like the 9th Circuit Appeals Court are getting the last word. At least for now.  Now until Trump drafts a new ban to announce next week, and we all get back on the roller coaster.

What I’m most pleased about this week is that true Americans on both sides of the aisle continue to investigate charges of collusion between Team Trump and Russia… during the election and after the election. It’s looking more and more like this was a carefully choreographed plan to elect Trump,  partner with Russia and implement whatever the hell Putin and Trump want.

This week Trump’s beyond-controversial Security Advisor Michael Flynn changed his story about discussing sanctions with the Russian Ambassador… coincidentally on the same day President Obama announced them, followed by Russia changing its response to Obama’s sanctions from “We will reciprocate.” to “Uh, maybe not at this time.” Now all of the “fake news” organizations are reporting this: CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post. It’s been an eventful week. Oh yes, Mr. President. Keep Reading»

Proud of my Hospital / Embarrassed by my Country

It’s Amateur Hour in the White House as our new President blusters through his first week, one-impulse-at-a-time. The news causes so much stress and embarrassment, I find myself spending more time at the hospital volunteering in the ER to try to make up for the arrogant behavior coming from our highest office. When I can’t listen to the news a moment longer, I go to the the one place where I can treat people from all over the world fairly and kindly and at the very least show that we’re not all like Donald Trump. Keep Reading»

From Hope to Nope

I can’t…

Wrong Is Right if You Don’t Get Caught

Inauguration Day / January 20, 2017

It’s a sad day when we’re forced to watch
our country’s dignity go down the drain.
The plug’s been pulled.
Rules no longer apply.
Winning at any cost is the mantra of the day.

Sorry, Mom — I can’t find the funny…

(But thank you ACLU)

Happy New Year SUPERSTITIONS for 2017

fingers crossed!

At the end of each year I post a list of Good Luck Superstitions. This coming year we really, really, REALLY need good luck, so I’m including my favorite list hoping these tried-and-tested ideas work this time.


LUG YOUR LUGGAGE around the block – (Packed with the the things you’ll need on your “Dream Vacay”.)
Go on a HOUSE CLEANSE on the 31st (Mop up the old mess so you can make room for the new mess.)
GRAB THE GRAPES — (In-between midnight hugs and kisses eat 12 of them, making a wish with each of the 12 months to come.)
CARRY CASH at midnight – (For prosperity in the New Year… and while we’re on that subject…)
Put a GOLD RING in your Glass for the promise of riches — (But be sure you don’t swallow it, because that’ll insure a trip to the ER instead — which is so not where you’ll want to be on New Year’s Eve, trust me)!
Light COLORFUL CANDLES to create different outcomes — (Light a green one for good health, a yellow to improve your finances, an orange one for wisdom and a blue one for peace. Oh, and don’t forget the red one for the promise of PASSION!)
On the 31st open the front door and SWEEP OUT NEGATIVITY but open the windows to LET POSITIVITY IN – (But don’t sweep anything out on the 1st, especially a HANDSOME MAN bearing gifts : )
MAKE A LIST of all of the many things you want to forget in 2016– (Then light it on fire!)
LIGHT FIREWORKS (Scare away Evil Spirits!)
JUMP UP-AND-DOWN at Midnight – (Go as high as you can to encourage physical and mental growth.)
If your UNDIES are INSIDE-OUT or BACKWARDS — and you switch things around the first few minutes in the New Year, it either means the RED CANDLE worked and you started out the year with PASSION or you’re going to get all New Clothes (Something I can get very passionate about, ha!)
Oh, and if you’re wearing RED UNDERWEAR when you light the RED CANDLE, and move in for the MIDNIGHT SMOOCH and whatever it leads to — you need to know… RED UNDERWEAR signifies FERTILITY in Italy. (So if you’re Italian or in Rome when all of this happens or your RED underwear is backwards shortly after midnight — you might be expecting more than GOOD LUCK in the coming year.) Uh-oh!

Evie Stewart’s Holiday Wishlist 2016

ohm in style!

ohm in style!

The Holiday Time Clock is ticking…ticking…ticking 

Distraction from the insane election and our new reality really made me lose sense of time… There are only 17 more days till Christmas Eve and the first night of Hanukkah!  Yikes! Before the holidays come and go, here’s a quick wish list to make holiday shopping a little easier. The WISH capsules are a MUST! Let’s all wish for peace, understanding and a less-divisive world.

capsules for wishes, hopes, dreams and goals

capsules for wishes, hopes, dreams and goals

10 Gifts to wish for — from $3.00 up

  1. Wish Capsules perfectly priced @$3.00 — write your wish, place it in the capsule and carry it wherever you go.
  2. Message Jewelry handmade with your own magical message @$25.00 — a way to “say it” in style.
  3. Satin Lid Tints to help you sparkle plenty @$28.00 — in bronze, lilac, peach and smoke.
  4. Metallic Paper Tassel Chandelier @$48.00 —  paper pizzazz to snazz-up any room.
  5. Clare V Pom Pom Tassel @$55.00 — finally a way to find keys… fast and fabulously!
  6. Glamglow Youthmud @$69.0 — a fountain-of-youth-facial in a jar without parabens or sulphates.
  7. Lunar Phases Swell Bottle 17 oz. @$50.00 — a cool cosmic wonder in limited edition.
  8. Blue Lunar Yoga Mat @$75.00 — foldable, washable,  eco-friendly and a great companion to the Lunar Swell.
  9. James Perse Cardigan Stitch Beanie @$125.00 — a comfy, cozy, casual classic.
  10. Make it Personal Gold Rings @$144 — romantic rings in rose, yellow or white gold
look good while you hydrate :)

look good while you hydrate 🙂




Evie Stewart’s Wishes for President Elect Donald Trump


President Elect Donald Trump

I wish you would…

  • stop tweeting
  • learn diplomacy
  • stop antagonizing
  • listen to your security briefs
  • remove all sketchy advisors
  • start healing the hurt
  • thicken your skin
  • represent all Americans
  • overcome your flaws
  • focus on doing well
  • stop spreading fake news
  • play to your strengths
  • stop embarrassing us
  • earn your new title
  • become educated on world affairs
  • cease secret calls with world leaders
  • think before you speak
  • learn who our enemies are
  • become presidential

if only…

Civil Unrest, Women’s Rights, and Environmental Concerns ROCK ON

dust, dope and delirious fans!

Wasn’t sure how I’d feel about Desert Trip (“Oldchella”) with the average age of performers teetering on 72, ahaha. I wondered if it’d feel like an oldie-but-goodie weekend where you feel kind of depressed watching wrinkled, balding performers go down memory lane, weakly. But it wasn’t like that – not at all! I didn’t get to stay for Roger Waters because I had to be at my part-time job Monday morning with Dr Frankenstein, but for me the big three were —

Mick Jagger, Neil Young and Paul McCartney

Who knows if it’s drugs or vitamins, but whatever they’re taking it’s working!  No wonder Mick Jagger, at 73, is about to become a dad again. He’s still got the moves!  McCartney and Young were clearly in the zone as they jammed on Beatle classics and a John Lennon Anthem! Yep, it was ROCK AND ROLL MAGIC at it’s very best! We (all 70,000 of us) felt lucky to be a part of it!

McCartney and Young jammin'

McCartney and Young playing their hearts out!

The more things change, the more they stay the same —

Keep Reading»

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