Part 1: Doctors Say The Dumbest Things

Inhaling a bunch of BS

Hospital Employees say the craziest things when they think no one’s listening —  in the Halls, in the Elevators, on the Stairs, in the Restrooms, in the Parking Lot — need I go on?

The thing is —

In the Hospital EVERYONE’s Listening!

Can’t use names of course (Hospital Policy) — but there’s no law against using initials. So here’s the first post (of MANY, I’m sure) called: “Doctors Say The Dummest Things.”

Smug Surgeon, Dr. D – (D stands for more than just his name)

Today I drive into the ER Parking Lot, and recognize Dr. D, a good-looking (although he has put on some weight), arrogant A-hole who I (unfortunately) dated before he became God.

Dr. D’s leaning against the wall, entertaining himself by blowing smoke rings (in a Smoke-Free Hospital btw) when he goes: “Well if it isn’t!” (I wish it wasn’t!)  After a couple of “Hi-how’ve-you-been”s (not really caring about the answer) I casually mention my surprise that he’s SMOKING, since he’s now a SURGEON.

He smiles condescendingly —

Oh, it doesn’t matter because now we can cure Cancer!

(Oh really? Tell my Mom)

I couldn’t get out of that Parking Lot fast enough. Talk about blowing smoke…


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