OVER-SHARING: You Can’t Take It Back

don't blab

Why do we think it’s necessary to tell EVERYBODY everything?  We do it on Facebook, on Instagram, in emails, and texts — on the phone, on Twitter, at the market and at the gym. Everywhere we go, when someone says “How are you?” we tend to give out TMI. Why inform the universe of our every thought and step? Have you noticed that once it’s out there, you can’t take it back?

OVER-SHARING can totally backfire!

When you break up with someone and you’re tempted to explain to friends, acquaintances, family members and every passerby why it was his fault, not yours, you might want to reconsider.  Down the road when you two get back together, everyone you know will know stuff you’d rather they didn’t —  and like the measles it will keep spreading, even after you two are all better. Think about how counter-productive it’ll be when you two announce your engagement…

Bringing your PERSONAL LIFE to WORK —

What about when you’re on a job (or TV or Movie Set) and you wear your emotions at work? You confide in a trusted co-worker and suddenly your private life’s a little too public. Things are misinterpreted and before you know it there’s a rumor that you’re having a mini-breakdown and it’s getting in the way of your work (been there!) Blabbing can backfire. It’s like the game “Telephone,” where the story changes a little with every re-telling. Yep, but it’s not a fun game to lose when it’s happening to you in real-life. Trust me.

Imagine that you’re big Entertainment Exec and your Studio gets hacked. Before you can say THE INTERVIEW, you’d better start prepping for your own, because everything you’ve ever thought or joked about in writing will be hashed and rehashed on TV, on Twitter, on Facebook — get what I’m saying?


My antennae might be extra-up because I’ve been “volunteering” in the ER.  It’s drummed into my head over-and-over that private information must be kept PRIVATE! (A certain ER Doctor I know is paranoid about privacy!) Hospitals are all about “Patient Confidentiality,” and that’s not a bad thing to remember in life.

So next time you’re tempted to tell a little too much, take a deep breath and…




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