Fear of blogging

The blog.



The first problem I have is just the word blog itself. Does that word really encourage people to want to write? To be creative? To share? Blog blog blog. The more you say it, the more you hate it. Sounds like it should be the name of like a dirty pond or a growth on your foot. But regardless, Josh says blog, so here I go… blogging.  (Doesn’t the word make you want some mouthwash?)

Perhaps it’s not the word that upsets me, but more the idea of actually intentionally sharing my thoughts with someone, be it a stranger or someone I actually know. I mean, at this point in my life…

Sorry, I lost my train of thought when I looked down at my mom’s Cartier LOVE bracelet and saw a scratch that looked like the side of a car after someone keyed it. I just finished doing the dishes and I gasped thinking that I might have scraped it across the sink in my rare moment of productivity.

if only it was really this pretty

--- artwork by Jana Bouc at www.JanasJournal.com --- if only it was really this pretty


Thankfully it was just a blonde hair stuck to the wet bracelet.

Whew! Close one.

I almost let it out…




EDIT — Hey, thanks JA! Nice picture you found for me. So once you tell me how to do that, it’ll liven things up around here, no?

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