Searching for a SOULMATE

Finding Our Perfect Person —

Not someone who IS “perfect” —  I’m talking about finding the person who’s perfect for YOU.


The eternal search for a SOULMATE goes back to the beginning of time. From Eve to Angelina we all dream about finding… “the ONE”  —

You know, the one who makes our hearts go–


  • We dream
  • We crave
  • We wish
  • We worry
  • We hope
  • We pray
  • We stress

How Do We Know When Love is Real?

To define what we’re looking for precisely is nearly IMPOSSIBLE. It’s a feeling we’re supposed to recognize when it happens.

But when we’re feeling an indescribable chemical reaction, how do we know that it’s not being confused by —

  • Hormones
  • Loneliness
  • Desperation
  • Impatience
  • Indigestion
  • Being in love with the idea of “love”

We don’t.
We wonder…


Is HE or SHE really out there? And available? And looking for us? How will we know when it’s the “Real Deal?” The person we’ll always love? Through sickness and boredom and temptation and all of the other hard moments that come with life.

What if we don’t recognize our soulmate-opportunity?
What if we’re on the fence?
Could we miss it?
Do we each have one “The ONE” or are there more of ’em out there?

What if we marry our Soulmate and then meet a second Soulmate who’s even more Soulmatier? Then what?

Finding is more important than Defining —

I guess a ‘SOULMATE” is the person who brings out the best part of you being you. And vice versa.

The search continues…

(What do you look for in a Soulmate? Have you met yours?)



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