Shall I tell a "certain doctor" when he checks my pulse?

Shall I tell a “certain doctor” when he checks my pulse?

If you have someone special in your life you feel PRESSURE to do something ROMANTIC on Valentine’s Day, right?  Well, there’s nothing more UNromantic than forcing romance. It’s counter-productive, feels fake and well, it is a little fake. Try going out to dinner on February 14th and you’ll see what I mean. Expensive prix fixe meals, dumb decorations, loud crowds. Romantic? Me no think so.

Overplanning is NOT Romantic —

February 14th like New Years Eve tries too hard to be important. Think of it as life’s “Annual Prom” — it never lives up to expectations. Never-ever! You over-spend, under-enjoy, feel let-down after. Even the sex is overrated. Bummer!

EXPECTATION is the leading killer of romance!

Almost any other night in the year feels more romantic because whatever happens, it’s unexpected. I remember reading a long time ago that for something to be romantic there has to be an element of uncertainty.

Romance not according to plan is more romantic, always has been, always will be.

So if you do something this February 14th,  totally surprise someone in some way – even if you have to do it on February 13th!  Ahahaha!




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