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Yes, I saw FIFTY SHADES OF GREY and yes, I read the books – all three of them.  Now I’m reading the email alerts and headlines about the almost 70% female audience helping to break records and movie-success-myths.

I’m no movie mogul, but my advice to you if you are is: If you’re “scouring best-seller lists looking to find the next Fifty Shades of Grey,” consider the fact that the “almost 70% Female Audience” might be flocking to the film not because it’s about SEX but because it’s about ROMANCE.  (Wouldn’t the Audience be a higher percentage of Males if the main focus was SEX?)


As a female (who likes sex, btw) in the target audience, it seems pretty obvious to me that at the core Fifty Shades is really about a shy, smart girl trying to get a handsome, unattainable guy so she can have her happy ending (the old-fashioned kind, ahaha.)  It’s wish-fulfillment we all can relate to.  I can!

So like Miss Steele, every freshman who crushes on the cute quarterback; every contestant who professes love for The Bachelor; every coed who majors in her professor; every hopeful single who signs up for OK Cupid, and every involuntary volunteer who falls for a devoted doctor’s bedside manner thinks —

  • He just needs to get to know me.
    I get him in a way no one else does.
    He will change for me.

Whether your name is Anastasia, Vivian, Tiffany or Cinderella, Fifty Shades may be sucking you in because you believe:

With me it will be DIFFERENT.

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