Fate vs Free Will

taking the leap

taking the leap

FATE: Are we in the hands of fate or is fate in our hands?

Are we meant-to-be or are we meant-to-make-it-happen? Some people and moments-in-time feel unexplainably meant-to-be. But what about the thousands that don’t?

Sticking Your Neck Out —

One of my author faves, Allison Winn Scotch explores choice vs. fate in THE THEORY OF OPPOSITES, a modern day love story about losing a safety net and learning how to jump anyway. Yikes! It’s about going in the opposite direction of your comfort zone (not my favorite direction) — creating a “Life Map”, then owning it/living it fearlessly and intensely, regardless of how vulnerable, inadequate, and totally freaked-out you might be. (I’m freaked out just thinking about it!)

Last month real life Air-Traveler” Erica Domesek (@psimadethis) decided to edit her own Fairy Tale via Twitter after she sat next to her “future husband” but didn’t get his full name on a flight. (Don’t you just hate when that happens?) Erica tweet-begged the airlines to help her track him down and when that failed, she rallied the universal Twitter Nation. Erica took destiny into her own hands after her possible true love had been seated in “2B.”

I don’t know if Erica’s romance is 2-B or not to-be, but I applaud her social media chutzpah. And though I’m not sure I’m brave enough to always go in the opposite direction of my instincts (like Willa in The Theory of Opposites), I’m gonna force myself to blurt-out the occasional “yeah!” instead of my typical, safety go-to “uh, no thanks”  — ‘cuz if I want something to start happening differently, I’m gonna have to venture in different direction.

Extraordinary experiences here I come —
Ehhhh…what about the scary unknown… (hold my hand, pleeeeze?)



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