Doctors, Crushes and Apps of Choice —

can’t get enough of ’em

Suddenly apps are popping up to help patients understand medical conditions. Medikidz comics help kids understand illnesses and how to fight them.  JiffPad is a new iPad app that helps patients interpret what they’ve heard (and forgotten) after they’ve left the doctor’s office.

“What if” Apps  — (Taking Apps to a whole new level)

iNeed a “Romantictector” to scientifically interpret a relationship with someone in the Medical Community, like Dr. Crush, for instance! – an iPad app that takes his pulse when he’s talking to me (without him knowing, obvi). And measures his pupils to see if they dilate. And detects how many times he glances at me when I’m not looking.  Or calculates how much closer he stands to me than say — “Resident Evil”, a certain frenemy of mine who works at the hospital and can always be seen carrying a grudge.

Or maybe iNeed a diagnostic app, “Realitapp” for an accurate assessment — with an optional “wishful-thinking” meter that buzzes when my imagination gets the best of me. Or maybe “Crystalbapp”, an iPad Crystal Ball — to help maneuver the way through the complicated mazes in my heart and his heart… for a true prognosis.

“does he or doesn’t he” app —

Yep, that’s what iNeed. Sigh…

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