turn it off!

I can’t turn it off!

Breaking up is even harder to do now that we have Social Media. Never before has it been soooo easy to torture yourself at the end of a relationship. No one needs to be Sherlock Holmes to sleuth around online 24/7.

CLICK CLICK CLICK you discover who and what your ex is doing. Ugh. (You probably get more information now that you have more free time, than you ever did when you were in the relationship.) It’s a nightmare of epic proportions! And a great way to stall the healing process with —

Ta Da! No closure! Never! Ever!

The “longing” is longer-lasting, the hurting, hurts more. You can’t heal, if you keep lifting the band-aid to peek.

And it’s soooo easy to peek at –

  • every wedding or party you don’t get invited to –
  • every new friend your ex makes –
  • every photo and video your ex and his/her friends post on Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Snapchat, youTube, Flickr…
  • every dating site your ex signs up for!

Like with a bad accident you can’t take your eyes off of, or an annoying TV show you can’t turn off — something inside you says:

I’ve gotta check it out!

The Best Revenge —

Get competitive! Post as many fabulous shots of yourself doing as many fabulous things with as many fabulous people as possible! Post them everywhere, and tag everyone.  No one will be having a better time than you are, right? At least that’s the way it’ll look online. And isn’t that what’s important after a break-up  — how it looks ONLINE?!


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