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ER Snafu – HELP!

Yesterday on my ER shift I almost go into cardiac arrest when I realize I’ve just fed a stack of crucial records for a critical Patient (currently in an ambulance speeding toward the ER) through the slot of a trash bin designated for shredding! In horror my eyes land on the big fat PADLOCK blocking my next move!  Nooooo!

Flash-back several minutes —

In the Waiting Room  Triage Nurse Anthony Chan, in his usual pissy mood, shoves two stacks of papers in my hands —

Personally hand this to the Charge Nurse and no one else, STAT! And stick these in the shredder bin. Within your skill-level, Volunteer?

I burst through the doors into Trauma, but the Charge Nurse isn’t there and no one knows where she is. I head toward the nearest Trash Bin to get rid of the other stack, but I run into Dr. A, who distracts me by making my heart beat faster (not my fault). Nonchalantly I slip the papers through the slot, flash him my killer smile and mosey on back to Triage…

I freeze when I spot Anthony Chan. F<#k!

I bolt back to Trauma, now fully aware of my f-up, and beg the clerk for a key to the intimidating padlock, but he hands me a phone number for the Shredding Service instead. Whaaaa?!  A company rep answers my call, listens to my saga, then proceeds to explain he’s in the Midwest. Midwest?! Nooooo! I’m in Los Angeles! I need someone in our hospital to come NOW! And not on a plane.

He puts me on “HOLD” and I experience heart palpitations as Paramedics rush the Patient in, and the Charge Nurse shouts  —

Anyone see the Volunteer?

What Do I Do Now?!

I duck down behind the counter, still on HOLD, mumbling “ohmigod-ohmigod” when —

Dr. A peeks over the edge grinning at me as I turn fifty shades of RED.

“You left these by the trash bin.”

I pop up —

I did?! Thank God! You’re amazing! I mean– thank you, thank you, thank you!

I dash toward the Charge Nurse and hand her the records, as Dr. A winks before turning the corner.

Phew! That was close!

Dr. A’s hotness climbs to an all-time-high!





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Sentenced to volunteer at Greater L.A. Medical (GLAM!) Hospital... I'm on-call in my worst nightmare -- ?!
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