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Happy New Year SUPERSTITIONS for 2017

fingers crossed!

At the end of each year I post a list of Good Luck Superstitions. This coming year we really, really, REALLY need good luck, so I’m including my favorite list hoping these tried-and-tested ideas work this time.

Finding The Funny with THE SKELETON TWINS

nothing's gonna step them now

nothing’s gonna stop them now

During my Amazing Mom’s much-too-short life she managed to find the funny during the darkest of times, so unsurprisingly I raced out to see THE SKELETON TWINS opening weekend after learning that it’s about family members (Maggie and Milo)… Keep reading Finding The Funny with THE SKELETON TWINS

Sweet Summer Surprise: NBC’s WELCOME TO SWEDEN

rom with real com!

rom with real com!

Perhaps it’s due to the afterglow from my summer fling with Jorgen, or maybe it’s the best comedy of the summer, but either way I find myself totally into Greg Poehler’s fresh fish-out-of-water half-hour, WELCOME

Laughter Is The Best Medicine at Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School Gone Wild — Keep reading Laughter Is The Best Medicine at Harvard Medical School

Pilot Season Psychic Powers

When I’m in the mix I can’t predict the outcome, but from the sidelines, I can be surprisingly objective — Keep reading Pilot Season Psychic Powers


It’s bad enough to be in your own gyn exam… Keep reading ER Volunteer NIGHTMARE


These creative young Multi-Hyphenates inspire Actors everywhere to go out and MAKE IT HAPPEN! Carpe Diem! Keep reading ACTORS: DIY

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