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ER Snafu – HELP!

Yesterday on my ER shift I almost go into cardiac arrest when I realize I’ve just fed a stack of crucial records for a critical Patient (currently in an ambulance speeding toward the ER) through the slot of a trash bin designated for shredding! In horror my eyes land on the big fat PADLOCK blocking my next move!  Nooooo!

Flash-back several minutes —

In the Waiting Room  Triage Nurse Anthony Chan, in his usual pissy mood, shoves two stacks of papers in my hands —

Personally hand this to the Charge Nurse and no one else, STAT! And stick these in the shredder bin. Within your skill-level, Volunteer?

I burst through the doors into Trauma, but the Charge Nurse isn’t there and no one knows where she is. I head toward the nearest Trash Bin to get rid of the other stack, but I run into Dr. A, who distracts me by making my heart beat faster (not my fault). Nonchalantly I slip the papers through the slot, flash him my killer smile and mosey on back to Triage…

I freeze when I spot Anthony Chan. F<#k!

I bolt back to Trauma, now fully aware of my f-up, and beg the clerk for a key to the intimidating padlock, but he hands me a phone number for the Shredding Service instead. Whaaaa?!  A company rep answers my call, listens to my saga, then proceeds to explain he’s in the Midwest. Midwest?! Nooooo! I’m in Los Angeles! I need someone in our hospital to come NOW! And not on a plane.

He puts me on “HOLD” and I experience heart palpitations as Paramedics rush the Patient in, and the Charge Nurse shouts  —

Anyone see the Volunteer?

What Do I Do Now?!

I duck down behind the counter, still on HOLD, mumbling “ohmigod-ohmigod” when —

Dr. A peeks over the edge grinning at me as I turn fifty shades of RED.

“You left these by the trash bin.”

I pop up —

I did?! Thank God! You’re amazing! I mean– thank you, thank you, thank you!

I dash toward the Charge Nurse and hand her the records, as Dr. A winks before turning the corner.

Phew! That was close!

Dr. A’s hotness climbs to an all-time-high!





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COURAGE: Humble Heroes on a Train

three brave men on a train

badass! beyond hot!

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Fifty Shades of ROMANCE

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Finding The Funny with THE SKELETON TWINS

nothing's gonna step them now

nothing’s gonna stop them now

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Sweet Summer Surprise: NBC’s WELCOME TO SWEDEN

rom with real com!

rom with real com!

Perhaps it’s due to the afterglow from my summer fling with Jorgen, or maybe it’s the best comedy of the summer, but either way I find myself totally into Greg Poehler’s fresh fish-out-of-water half-hour, WELCOME

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