FIND THE FUNNY: Taking Things Back


Do you ever switch radio stations in your car, only to hear the end of an awesome song and wish for Radio Tivo? (I do.)

How about – after you’ve had a heart-palpitating moment with your BIG CRUSH and you want to dissect it in your mind? Do you wish there could be Romance Tivo? (Oh, man! I’d watch that one over and over and over…)

In one of the all time best MODERN FAMILY episodes (last Wednesday) there was a scene we’ve all experienced. After Gloria (Sophia Vergara) drafted an email she’d NEVER intended on sending, she accidentally pushed “send” and cried out —

Please come back!

A Rewind Button For Life —

Imagine if you could click on REWIND the next time you –

  • Get into a fender bender
  • Say the wrong thing
  • Leave a voicemail in anger
  • Send an email with typos
  • Spend money you don’t have
  • Get caught in a PDA  (big OOPS for me!)
What would you like to rewind if you could?
What would you like to Tivo in life?

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2 responses to “FIND THE FUNNY: Taking Things Back”

  • I don’t think I’d undo things I’ve already done, that would be unfair advantage in life. However, getting to re-live the good moments – yeah that sounds pretty good.

    Is this in the works anywhere? If not, I’ll settle for teleportation. Please?

    • Evie...:

      Re-living good moments would be awesome– ‘specially when i’m in a funk — don’t know if it’s in the works, but you’re a smart dude — how about if you come up with it? Count me in on Teleportation too — obvi.

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