COOL Things To Do in the HOT Summer (L.A. 2013)

sounds of summer

No one would argue that L.A. is super COOL —  but it can also be confusing and costly. Want to experience the JOY of SUMMER without getting lost or breaking the bank? Join the club! (Hey, I should be president of it!)


Fun & Free — L.A. July-August

  1. Spotify your latest and greatest, blast your sounds on your iPhone, and run your firm body (or at least firm it up on the run) along the beach where you’ll soothe your soul and breathe in fresh salty air. Ahhhh…
  2. Bike along the Venice canals (between Washington Avenue and Venice Blvd.) and wind your way around bridges, quaint houses and charming gardens. (I’m an L.A. native and I didn’t even know about this gem of a neighborhood till I saw it in a movie – Truth! So crazy!)
  3. On the second Thursday of the month, check out the hipsters and creatives (and oh, yeah – the art) at the Downtown L.A. Art Walk.
  4. Step-up and start “Stairing” in Silver Lake or Santa Monica. It’s a great way to get tan, get in-shape and meet new friends. (Seriously, the stairs are packed with potential love interests, bffs-to-be and frenemies who should be on a watchlist, ahaha). 


    sweat in style: santa monica stairs

  5. Get going to The Getty Center for nightlights, great views and eclectic sounds of international musicians — you never know exactly what you’re gonna get, but the views are amazing no matter what!  May 18- August 24, 2013.
  6. If you’re the citified nature-type, head toward the renovated walking path around the Silver Lake Reservoir where you’ll be joined by joggers, strollers and dogs on leashes in what feels like a 20 mile outdoor gym for residents of this artsy neighborhood.
  7. For me the picture perfect afternoon is to go to the Annenberg Space for Photography nestled within the Century Park office complex of CAA, where you watch a 20 minute documentary in plush sofas and wind up with an up-close-and-personal view of photographic icons. Right now there’s an awesome Helmut Newton exhibit (did you know his Dad was in a concentration camp? Yikes!)
  8. If you’re near UCLA on a Thursday night, mosey over to the Hammer Museum where packed crowds gather around bands like Sea Wolf and Tokyo Police Club.
  9. You can’t visit L.A. without stopping at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA where cutting-edge exhibitions and hands-on education programs conspire to inspire the inner-creative in each of us. 
  10. If you crave cotton candy, like being where the action is, and love sparkly lights on Ferris wheels, you can reggae and rock out to the Twilight Concerts at the Santa Monica Pier.
Twilight Series at the Santa Monica Pier

Twilight Series at the Santa Monica Pier

The thing is, when you’re in L.A. you’ll discover your own list of cool things to do in the hot summer. So have fun, be sure to share and don’t forget your sunscreen : )




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2 responses to “COOL Things To Do in the HOT Summer (L.A. 2013)”

  • Mike:

    yes! great stuff.

    • Evie...:

      thanks! if you have any faves to share, please do!

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