What The World Needs Now Mr. Trump is EMPATHY

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“EMPATHY” is this week’s buzzword for everyone except (ahem!) Donald Trump. To the shock and horror of the eloquent Mr. and Mrs. Khan (parents of the fallen U.S. Armed Services hero, Captain Humayn Khan) and other Gold Star Families, Democrats, Republicans-brave-enough-to-speak-out, and just about all compassionate Americans old enough to understand, there seems to be no end to the continual insults flowing uncontrollably from the big fat unfiltered mouth of TOUCHY TRUMP.

Trump is our MOST EMBARRASSING Presidential Candidate EVER!

Maybe Trump should try volunteering at my hospital for a crash course in Empathy 101, but there’s no way (NO WAY!) he could intelligently interact with the diverse population of patients and family members who freak out as they deal with physical and mental pain, while stuck in limbo, waiting…

Trump could learn a lot from our ER Staff though…

Boy, what I’d give to see our tightly-wound, uncompromising Triage Nurse Anthony Chan monitor King-of-Tantrums-Trump when his diarrhea-mouth attacks a stressed-out someone who accidentally pushes his buttons. Rule-stickler Anthony Chan may be small in size, but he’s big on principle. When Trump loses it, Chan will lash out at him, wash his mouth out with Purell and ban him from the ER. (Wish he could ban him from the U.S.)

A Good Bedside Manner ALWAYS HELPS —

If only Trump could step out of his ego for a moment and learn a thing or two from Dr. A.  Okay, yes, I’m a little biased, but Dr. A always speaks to patients and their loved ones intelligently and compassionately. He respectfully listens and is respectfully heard. He acknowledges the seriousness of situations, is calm in his approach —  thoughtful as he discusses options — and qualified to help patients get through it, whatever “it” is.

EMPATHY goes a long way as we all struggle through frightening challenges and unknowns, from scary medical tests to peace-threatening situations.

(And btw so does EXPERIENCE Mr. Trump!)

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