Love Hurts: ER Drama


I’m the first to admit that unexpected hotspots can be sizzly, but after last night in the ER, I’m going to be a lot more cautious in that particular creative department, though you’d think I would’ve learned that lesson by now (oops!)

Mira and I are on the verge of signing out, when Anthony and this other male nurse come out of the Treatment area, whispering about two teens who were just brought in. So I pull Mira into the back, where we see Jacob the paramedic (Mira’s crushing on), reporting to the Charge Nurse about the Guy and his Girlfriend lying there on stretchers, with tons of surface cuts and dried blood all over their sweats. They apparently crashed through a glass tabletop while they were doing it. Ouch!

Feeling the Pain In Unexpected Places

The cute Guy looks pretty bad, all stiff and still, probably because it’s too painful to move. His Girlfriend’s cuts aren’t as obvious, but by her squirming, I suspect her glass fragments are going to be tricky to get out and I feel bad for her.

The Girlfriend’s crying and begging the Charge Nurse to NOT call their parents, but they’re obviously under eighteen, so the hospital has to do it. Bummer.

Mira decides to stay and hang because she’s a good person (plus Jacob’s still there). Before I leave, I go up to the girl and tell her that usually when parents get called into the ER for their kids, the ONLY thing they care about is making sure their kids are okay, which calms her a little.

On my way out, I say (and mean it)…

“You’re gonna be okay.”

(Something embarrassing you’re dying to share ? –ahaha!– Say it in the comments.)

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12 responses to “Love Hurts: ER Drama”

  • After reading this I’m completely speechless but it does teach me to only do it on a sturdy wood table if i’m not near a bed,bedroom or couch
    .-= Check out T1theinfamous´s latest: this just in… =-.

    • Evie...:

      It freaked me out too. Painful to even think about…

  • Oh god, I’m glad this never happened to me!! Not that I would ever do anything like that…

    *blushes, looks around awkwardly, twiddles thumbs*

    .-= Check out Skinny Dip´s latest: Introducing Tiny Ocean! =-.

    • Evie...:

      Uh huh. Me too. (I mean not me too.) 🙂

  • omg!

    I love stories like these LMAO!
    .-= Check out Tiffany´s latest: Five Questions Friday #3 =-.

    • Evie...:

      Luv your 5 Questions. I might be inspired…

  • OW. ow ow ow.

    My dad has stories like this since he works in a hospital but there is always a lesson to be learned here: Don’t do it around things that can injure you.

    You’d think that’d be common sense but hey, heat of the moment, I suppose.
    .-= Check out nicopolitan´s latest: To Be A Robot: A Tattoo Story =-.

    • Evie...:

      Yeah. It probably seemed like a good idea at the time. Would luv to hear your dad’s stories…

      • There’s one that involves a lightbulb in an intestine. I am not kidding.
        .-= Check out nicopolitan´s latest: To Be A Robot: A Tattoo Story =-.

        • Evie...:

          omg! I almost missed this comment. I remember when a guy came in with something stuck up his U-know-where. I left soon after. Didn’t want to know.

  • OMG!!!!!!!! Ha ha! I had to laugh…..

    I cannot say where I got in trouble because I am A CHICKEN and my relatives WILL see this once I put my URL in…but I can writeyou on 2Osomething ha ha

    • Evie...:

      Would luv to know what you won’t write! ahaha!

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