In Recovery from ER Hell

  • OD’d Mime on the stretcher
  • Zombie with a bloody earlobe
  • Barfing trick or treaters
  • Unlucky Moped-crashing Harry Potter
  • Old man with chest pains…

Oh shit — that was Mira‘s Grandfather.

Last night — Halloween in the ER — was the scariest Halloween ever.

I can’t make sense of it.
Too much to process now.
I’ll get into the deep stuff later.


working in an ER on a night like last night reminds me:

  • don’t let a drunk partier offer you a ride home
  • do be careful about what goes into your trick or treat bag
  • do carve your pumpkin, NOT your finger
  • do thank your paramedics, they are Gods and Heroes
  • don’t wear a costume you’re not prepared to be cut out of!

Yesterday the shift was a pain.

Last night, it was totally insane.

Today — it’s… it’s…

Maybe more later…

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9 responses to “In Recovery from ER Hell”

  • But now you have the story that starts, “This one time, on Halloween, in a hospital…”

    And if it was scary, then that’s part of the point of Halloween, right?

    Just trying to be an optimist here. 😉
    .-= Check out nicopolitan´s latest: Dancemosis =-.

    • Evie...:

      LUV that you look on the bright side too… I’m trying Nico, thanks!

  • Jesse G:

    Hi Evie! It’s Jesse! Remember me? We worked together VERY BRIEFLY at a place on Ocean Boulevard. Mimes just seem to attract bad luck. Congats on the blog! Inspiring! With Love ….

    • Evie...:

      How could I EVER forget that NIGHTMARE?! Best part (actually only good part) was meeting you. Let’s work together again. K? Thnx for checking out my blog. xo.

  • Ohhh man, definitely couldn’t handle that. I can barely go into the hospital, let alone work there. Stuff like that freaks me out (but ironically my favorite show is Scrubs…ya, I don’t know either…) but I will definitely thank my doctor next time. So why were you working in ER?

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  • The MIME OD’d?


    I want to say something very intriguing here, but I just can’t.

    Good luck recovering. You might need therapy. Or, if you already get therapy, you might need to up your visits.

    • Evie...:

      He was ODing when they brought him in, he wasn’t around when I signed out like 6 hours later… rough night in soooo many ways, thanks for the support. Luckily I have acting as my therapy (haha!)

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