Half-Full vs. Half-Empty

How do YOU see it?

How do YOU see it?

Seems like the world is filled with two kinds of people:
the ones who look at the bright side,
and the ones who acknowledge the dark side.

So are we talking–

Optimists vs. Pessimists or Optimists vs. Realists?

I wonder a lot about this because even though I’m trying to be more “half-full,” I realize positivity doesn’t change the fact that– shit happens. So putting “a spin on it” sometimes works, but  other times seems a little too 1950’s (like Betty, who at the beginning of “Mad Men” pretends like things are okay when they’re SO not.)

On tonight’s ER shift, Mira ( a total “good karma” girl)  brings in her Maga (grandfather) again. I can’t be specific due to Patient Confidentiality, but let’s just say when a body gets old, certain parts stop working and can’t be fixed in a good quality-of-life way.

In general, Mira’s what I’d call a “full-full” person. To her, life is super bright and when it starts to darken she inspirationalizes.

But tonight she just loses it. She breaks down and SOBS!

All I can think to do is hug her — long and hard.  I tell her what a wonderful granddaughter she is and how lucky her Maga is to have her.

When she finally catches her breath and calms down, she says,

I’m lucky too – to have you as my friend on this Eff’d-up night.

I guess tonight we’re both a little bright side/dark side and if I have to find the funny, it’s that the absolutely worst word Mira can come up with is–

(Are you more bright side or dark side and how does that affect your life? Let me know in the comments.)

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8 responses to “Half-Full vs. Half-Empty”

  • I like the optimist vs. pessimist and optimist vs. realist idea…. it seems too often that I have heard “I’m just stating the truth.” While most of the negativity is a look on the other side and is more real…now i’m sitting here wondering if my sometimes realist-ness is just plain effing pessimism. Now that this is typed it, i am leaning towards the latter. Bah. Thanks for the chicken soup for the blog soul.
    .-= Check out Jessica´s latest: Lyrics that will get you laid =-.

    • Evie...:

      Maybe reality = perception, so it’s different for everyone. Optimists seem happier, right?
      (your “Lyrics” post is hilarious btw)

  • Mostly, it’s good to be an optimist because of health reasons. Don’t laugh! Studies show that optimism actually speeds up recovery time for things like minor illnesses, or even as large as life expectancy.

    Though, with all the optimism, it *is* important to recognize the bad along with the good. It improves perspective and, yes, builds character.

    Glad everyone came out of it with at least a silver lining.
    .-= Check out nicopolitan´s latest: This Is How Terrible Movies Start, Right? =-.

    • Evie...:

      Of course you know that from your medical family, right? I’m still working on maintaining positivity and am getting better at seeing the upside.

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  • Vic:

    Good Post Woman! We all have our ups and downs in life. One of the great things about going through such experiences. It’s an eff’d up world we’re living in but we have to make the best of every situation. I’m learning so much about myself and who I wanna be through writing. It’s changed a lot about me and It’s oh so ever relieving. 🙂 Have a beautiful day:)
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    • Evie...:

      Thanks! You’re the best when it comes to bringing your downs back up! Always an inspiration! Your weekend pics on your blog are awesome / always luv seeing your girly girls. Hope they’re feeling good.

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