True Love = Happily Ever After

You know how you always think about finding “The ONE?”

Feeling Connected

Feeling Connected

Searching for a Soulmate is a universal quest. Some people find theirs, while others aren’t so lucky. I really hope I’ll be in the first category, but of course – there are no guarantees.

Attraction’s a weird thing. Definitely chemical. Sometimes we try to feel attracted to someone because he (or she) has–everything we think we want.

Other times (and this happens to me a lot) we’re attracted to the wrong person— simply because an electrical shock goes through our bodies whenever he’s (or she’s) around.

Chemistry’s a strange thing.

It’s invisible. We can’t measure it. We just feel it – like instinct.

It’s unexplainable — and definitely problematic.

So I’m  thinking about this dilemma tonight on my ER shift when this Little Old Lady in a wheelchair tries to get my attention. She’s sitting next to her Caretaker — or is it Caregiver? They’re used in the same way, but they seem like they’d have opposite meanings since one is a “taker” and the other’s a “giver.”

Anyway, the Little Old Lady motions for me to come toward her. I can see that she’s worked up about something. She asks nervously if I’ll please find out if her husband is out of the CAT Scan (Speaking of strange names, it’s weird that a human scan would be called a CAT scan, don’t you think?)

I check the computer, and find out her Husband is in Bed 16. Notice how I’m NOT mentioning any names? I’m really getting good at this “Patient Confidentiality” thing, aren’t I?

So I’m in 16 and realize the Husband’s about to be wheeled out by an EMT to go to the scan. I mention that his Wife is a little anxious about the scan, and the EMT says,

“Sorry, no visitors allowed.”

I kinda smile at the Husband apologetically, but he’s already one step ahead and says,

“Tell my bride that I love her. Just thinking about her makes me feel better.” (Ahhh…)

So I go back to Triage and deliver the message and the Little Old Lady gives me a smile that I swear makes her look young again. Seriously, no wrinkles. True story.

That’s what I’m looking for.

I know, I know.

I’m a romantic.


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9 responses to “True Love = Happily Ever After”

  • I love everything about this. Reminds me of When Harry Met Sally (which I thoroughly enjoyed last night).

    • Evie...:

      Thanks, I luv that movie!

  • My true love is sleeping next to me while I surf the net on my fabulous phone he gave me for Christmas. I knew he was the one when after all our conversations I felt like I’d actually learned something. But I can honestly say that the more I get to know my husband, the more I realize how lucky I am to be loved by such a brilliant and kind man.

    • Evie...:

      You are certainly one of the lucky few and my favorite part of your comment is that you appreciate how lucky you are. Congrats. I hope I find what you found (different guy of course — ahaha!)

  • P T:

    Awww…I hope mine will last that long too…grow old together and still loving each other…then I’ll know I’m lucky… 🙂
    .-= Check out P T´s latest: Wednesday Emails – Tax Code =-.

    • Evie...:

      So far so good, right?

  • That is such a wonderful story. I’m going through a divorce right now myself … I screwed up and was in that ” try to feel attracted to someone because he has everything we think we want”-category. After 9 years (7 dating, 2 married) I finally couldn’t fake it anymore, as it wasn’t fair to EITHER of us. I’m still holding out hope that I’ll find the right person someday.

    [Thanks for the comment on my 20SB profile, BTW – glad to find your site!]
    .-= Check out Mandi´s latest: Christmas at Home =-.

    • Evie...:

      I bet you’ll meet him. The first was just a practice. (I’m glad we’ve connected too!)

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