Healing Each Other in the Hospital

I think I need a sock monkey

Last night before I went to my ER shift I knew I needed to come up with an idea for my #findthefunny Monday post and within the first half hour of getting there, a Cute Guy wheeled his Great Granny into Triage. She was smiling and all dressed up in an ivory Chanel-ish jacket and matching knit cap, so I told her how cute she looked and showed her to the Triage Window.

Then a scared|crying Little Boy and his Mommy arrived  — so while he was waiting to be seen I gave him one of those cute sock monkeys some women’s group had donated to the hospital and that seemed to calm him.

Hospital Flirts come in all ages —

In the waiting room afterwards, Great Granny asked the little boy how old he was and he put up three fingers. Great Granny grinned —

Well I’m 103! What do you think of that BIG BOY?

I had to wheel a woman up to Labor and Delivery, but when I got back Great Granny and the Little Boy were holding hands and laughing.  Great Granny was kind of AMAZING. I mean, her energy was ageless and she hardly had any wrinkles on her face or hands. I asked what her secret was and her grandson piped in —

She’s really STUBBORN! She won’t even use a cane.

She winked at me and laughed!

At the end of my shift, as I was walking the Little Boy and his Mommy out of his room, we passed Bed 9 where the curtain was open. The little boy whispered something to his mommy and she nodded.

Before I could say anything about it not being allowed (I probably wouldn’t’ve said it anyway) he darted into Bed 9 where Great Granny was hooked up to a monitor. She opened her eyes as he handed her his sock monkey with his adorable little “feel better” smile.

It TOTALLY made Great Granny’s night. She beamed as she gave him a little squeeze.  Before I closed the curtain, she smiled at me —

Chivalry is not dead! So hold out for a good one!

And GUESS who walked in next holding Great Granny’s chart?

A verrrrrrry GOOD ONE:  “Dr. A”


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