Hurricane Harvey: How To Help

courage + resilience

Americans are experiencing a nationwide GULP!

It’s impossible to imagine what the victims of Hurricane Harvey are experiencing — losing loved ones, losing homes, losing everything, while courageously doing what they must to survive and help each other.

Hurricane Harvey IDs The Heroes Among Us

We’ll never be able to thank all of the brave men and women who are rescuing the elderly, the sick, the men, the women, the children, the babies, the most vulnerable, the pets…

life-saving basket

These floods of biblical proportions highlight HUMANITY at it’s finest. We all watch in awe as “The Courageous” risk everything to help those in need, regardless of color, race, religion or documentation.

We all can’t help but wonder —

“What if that happened to me?”

Ways to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Let’s send prayers and positivity and do whatever we can to help.

thankful hugs

All Hands Volunteers

American Humane

Austin Pets

American Red Cross


Direct Relief




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