And Justice For All: Good News

growing stronger!

Phew! There actually are checks-and-balances protecting U.S. citizens (and Actors!) I’m heartened by a few examples this week.

A glimmer of light, at least for now —

First and most famous is the public way our “No Rules” President learned that uhmmm… there actually are rules…  And that it might be wise to stop insulting judges like the courageous Judge Robart and start respecting the separation of powers because in some cases other powers like the 9th Circuit Appeals Court are getting the last word. At least for now.  Now until Trump drafts a new ban to announce next week, and we all get back on the roller coaster.

What I’m most pleased about this week is that true Americans on both sides of the aisle continue to investigate charges of collusion between Team Trump and Russia… during the election and after the election. It’s looking more and more like this was a carefully choreographed plan to elect Trump,  partner with Russia and implement whatever the hell Putin and Trump want.

This week Trump’s beyond-controversial Security Advisor Michael Flynn changed his story about discussing sanctions with the Russian Ambassador… coincidentally on the same day President Obama announced them, followed by Russia changing its response to Obama’s sanctions from “We will reciprocate.” to “Uh, maybe not at this time.” Now all of the “fake news” organizations are reporting this: CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post. It’s been an eventful week. Oh yes, Mr. President.

And more good news this week… Remember that the 35-page dossier from the former British  intelligence officer about Russia having something over Trump? It’s really being talked about because some of what’s in there has now been corroborated.  This is REAL NEWS. The kind of news that lead to impeachment and serious charges.

Casting Scam Take-down —

scammers scammed!


Changing the subject, and yes — this is news on a much smaller scale — but I was thrilled to see that something I posted in May, 2016: EXPLOITING ACTORS: A NEW LOW  is being addressed in 2017 as L.A. City Attorney, Mike Feuer charges 25 people at 5 casting workshops for allegedly scamming Actors.  Imagine… “Actor goes undercover to expose Casting Scam” — sounds like a movie, right? I feel like we’re all living in a movie… or some alternate universe…

The Common Ground —

What these examples illustrate, I think, is that we all just want to get to the truth, regardless of color, sex, or religion… regardless of our political party or where we live… regardless of how much money we do or don’t have…  regardless of who we voted for.  My heroes are The Statue of Liberty, our forefathers with great insight and foresight, our Constitution, our Armed Forces who protect us and Reporters who risk their lives and reputations to get to the TRUTH.

We’ll all access our SUPER POWERS in 2017 to fight for “Truth, Justice, and the American Way.” It will be challenging. It will be hard. But together we can do it, right? RIGHT!!!



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